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Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst
Lc Gold Digger x E rufa
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Poster Irma Online   content
Posted 07/19/11 06:14 PM
This is a cross of Lc Gold Digger x Encyclia rufa. The flowers are small (1 inches) and just cute but outrageously fragrant specially in the morning. The first thing I smell when I go to my living room in the morning is this little thing's perfume. You can smell it at more than 10 ft away!
The perfume comes from the E rufa parent.
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#278977 - 07/19/11 09:23 PM Re: Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst [Re: Irma]
Brian Monk Offline
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Charming! Is it a big plant yet?

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#278978 - 07/19/11 09:30 PM Re: Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst [Re: Brian Monk]
Ed M Offline
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Enc. rufa smells like melons to me. Is it similar to that?
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#278983 - 07/19/11 10:28 PM Re: Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst [Re: Brian Monk]
Irma Online   content
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Originally Posted By: Brian Monk
Charming! Is it a big plant yet?
It is a small plant because I had forgotten that I had it and it was stuck among other larger plants on the bench. It is only 4 psbulbs growing around the outside of the clay pot. I got it from RF several years ago.

Originally Posted By: EdM
Enc. rufa smells like melons to me. Is it similar to that?
Yes it smells like Honeydew melon with Jasmine undertones.

#279001 - 07/20/11 06:29 AM Re: Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst [Re: Irma]
Ursula Offline
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Looks and sounds really nice!

#279125 - 07/21/11 05:32 PM Re: Eny (Eplc) Golden Sunburst [Re: Irma]
O.J. Offline
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Interesting use of rufa. I like!
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