Blooming on Christmas day is my Lc. Irene Finney 'York' AM/AOS, a cross between L. Bruno Alberts and C. J.A. Carbone, registered by Hauserman in 1964. I purchased this as a bare root division in Spring 2005 from the Royal Orchid Club on ebay. The single flower is massive, measuring 6.75" across, and sat dormant in a dried sheath for 7 months. As yet, it has no fragrance but I'm hoping one will develop as that was the reason I purchased the plant (after seeing it awarded over and over again on a Japanese website for fragrance).

A picture of the whole plant at its "station" under a plumeria tree:

The geneology of Irene Finney shows a C. mossiae grandparent, but a preponderance of C. dowiana influence which I think shows up in the lip (let's hope the fragrance shows up too!).

Seasons Greeting everyone!