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#133299 - 04/01/07 03:41 PM Dendrophylax lindenii
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Just in case there's anyone out there that hasn't seen the Hey Ron thread, here's the official posting of the Ghost Orchid blooming for archiving later. Looks like these will be the only pictures of the flower.
Time to hook up the malt beverage IV. Oh well, it was good for 8 pages (I don't want to talk about it)

*Edit* Link to the progress from initial spiking to bloom.

Almost open flower

Lip detalil

Whole plant shot

#133300 - 04/03/07 06:52 AM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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Originally posted by ellen nz:
einstein, in the interests of recorded history can you repost a selection of the progression piccies into the first post. you will have to do the browse image thing and cut and paste to get the piccies into the right order...that way we'll have a record of what people should be looking for when they grow their will then be able to be archived as a complete entity.
That sounds like way too much work, ellen. I think I'll just edit the first post in this thread and then add a link to the Hey Ron thread. Since I do the deleting of posts from Orchid Soup, I'll just make sure that one gets left on. Unless of course Dale decides to delete it one day when he's doing archiving :rolleyes:

*edit* And I do have one last picture of the flower. Complete with Grim Reaper for scale. It did end up with pretty good form.

#133301 - 04/03/07 07:36 AM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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I made the mistake of taking it to an OS meeting on Sunday. After carefully removing it from the jug and placing it in a clay pot with sphag for the pictures (so glad I got some decent ones) I put it carefully into a box with lots of peanuts for transport. Everything was going smoothly till one one the guys who was judging plants on the display table decide to get a better look. Careless SOB

#133302 - 04/03/07 04:59 PM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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jebus, thats awful! Reallymad At least you grow it well enought hat you'll bloom it again next year...silly people...

Question for judge types: Is it typical to give awards to very difficult to grow/bloom plants like this that you almost never see, as long as the flower is reasonably presentable? Or do the rare gems still go through the normal amount of scrutiny?
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#133303 - 04/03/07 05:52 PM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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Ein, I vote for accidentally knocking off *his* reproductive parts, devilgrin
Terpman, for show judging, difficulty gets factored in. For AOS, no extra points because it's factored against other ghosts only.

AOS gives rarity a one time pass with an award called CBR (Certificate Biological Recognition) for a first time species award.
That's so we don't give a flower award to marginal flowers cuz no one has seen a good one. Then when good ones show up, FCC's are raining down everywhere.
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#133304 - 04/03/07 06:41 PM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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Originally posted by Tom-AKA Orchidghost:
--don't touch the flowers or pick up the plants from the show table without permission
In all fairness, Tom, it was there to be sort of judged. So touching is not uncommon. This was just an act of carelesness that could have been avoided.
Should have just left it at home and let it make it's debu at the MidAmerica in Chicago later this month. It would have been fully appreciated there.

#133305 - 04/03/07 07:03 PM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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When we judge the 'LaPlant' clone last year we took turns holding it to look at it closely. It was mounted, so it was easy to hold. We held it almost as if it were something sacred. The spike was about 10 inches long and the flower was so large that it was unbelievable. It also had another bud in the spike and a second spike with a smaller flower an more buds.

Put it back on the jug, Ein. It could grow another bud.....!
frown smile

Here is the photo with the clonal name ( which I didn't know at that time ). Looked it up in the Archives but it was not there.

Dendrophylax lindenii 'LaPlant' AM/AOS


Contigo en la distancia........

#133306 - 04/04/07 04:20 AM Re: Dendrophylax lindenii
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that's appalling, einstein. frown i'm so sorry.

irma said:
Looked it up in the Archives but it was not there
it is there irma, look under its old name in archive 1. there are quite a number.

what Tom-AKA Orchidghost said, except we have a 'no touching the flowers' rule for award judging as well.
to gauge substance we use a smooth fine pointer to hold behind the flower to check for thinness (against the light) and move a petal or sepal slightly. fingers are naturally greasy, no matter how clean.
more damage is done by inept measurerers and the pointers on the verneer calipers, they're particularly lethal in shakey hands.


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